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The Messiah Choral Society is among the many Central Florida arts organizations which, through creative collaboration, strive to increase awareness of the many cultural offerings in our community.  Such efforts not only allow more exposure for individual organizations, but also provide audiences with a more enriching cultural experience.  Since 2008, the Messiah Choral Society has partnered with local cultural organizations and historical societies to bring this added dimension to our performance.



Messiah Choral Society partnered with Feed the Need of Central Florida. It is their mission to assist individuals in the entertainment industry who have experienced diminished employment opportunities during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Members of Messiah Choral Society are supporting this effort with material support as well as by providing volunteers during weekly food distributions. 


Orlando Repatory Theater and was proud to partner with us in 2019 . They are the only professional theater in Florida for young audiences. Everything they do works to enlighten, enrich and entertain thus furthering their mission to the community.


This season, The Messiah Choral Society is pleased to partner with Crealde School of Art, a non-profit community arts organization that has provided community-based hands-on arts experience throughout Central Florida since 1975. For more information or to register for upcoming classes: visit, call (407) 671-1886, or stop by the main campus located at 600 St. Andrews Blvd, Winter Park, Fl 32789.


MCS partnered with The Winter Park History Museum whose mission is to collect, preserve, promote, and research the history of Winter park and its surrounding areas.  Examples from their current exhibit and information about upcoming events were displayed in the lobby of the Bob Carr Theater during our performance.


MCS collaborated with the Mad Cow Theatre, an Orlando professional theatre company that presents compelling works of classical, contemporary, and musical theatre to a wide range of audiences.


The Scottish American Society of Central Florida joined us. The Scottish-American Society of Central Florida was founded in 1976 to celebrate and carry on the Scottish traditions here in the U.S.  The purpose of this organization is to provide education to the Central Florida community through schools, churches, civic lectures and demonstrations, as well as organizing and hosting the annual Central Florida Scottish Highland Games held on the third weekend in January.  To learn more about the society, please visit their website at


We collaborated with the Hannibal Square Heritage Center which was established in 2007 by the Crealde School of Art.  They presented a display of Winter Park’s historic African American community.  The exhibition wove a story of this proud neighborhood as well as African American history in general.  Topics included art, family history and community.


The Society hosted the Asociacion Internacional de Arte y Cultura Hispana (AIPEH) – The Hispanic Arts & Culture International Association – in the lobby of the Bob Carr Theater.  This collaboration assisted AIPEH in supporting Viva Florida 500 and the 500th Florida Discovery Council for the Quincentenary of the Discovery of La Florida (1513-2013).


MCS collaborated with the Museum of Geneva History.  The Geneva Historical and Genealogical Society promoted an antique 1910 player piano and violin combination instrument on display at their museum.  They also provided photos and writings which tell the story of Geneva from prehistoric times to the present.


MCS was pleased to introduce Jim Sawgrass, a native Floridian and member of the Muskogee Creek Tribe.  The Southeastern Native American youth group entertained Messiah attendees prior to the annual concert with a traditional American Indian dance program.  Their basic mission is to promote awareness of Native American Indian culture in Florida.


In celebration of Maitland Florida’s 125th Anniversary, MCS provided lobby space at the Bob Carr Theater during the annual concert for a photographic display for the Maitland Art and History Association.  The title of the exhibit was Maitland Founding Families.  Their mission is to engage the public by educating, collecting, preserving, interpreting, exhibiting and promoting art and history reflective of Maitland’s heritage.


MCS offered lobby display space in the Bob Carr Theater for the Orange County Regional History Center.  They provided a history of local musical groups to Messiah Concert attendees.  The display included three dimensional artifacts, photographs, postcards and books from their vast collection of archival materials.  The Orange County Regional History Center is affiliated with The Smithsonian.


MCS partnered with the Winter Park Historical Association giving them lobby display space at the Bob Carr Theater for their exhibit entitled, Winter Park’s History of Music and Cultural Arts.  Their mission is to collect, preserve, promote and research the history of Winter Park and its surrounding area.


Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida

The Messiah Choral Society supports the Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida.  The food bank is a private non-profit organization that collects and distributes donated food to more than 550 non-profit entities in Central Florida.  MSC requests that concert attendees bring nonperishable food donations to our annual performance.  We thank our generous attendees for supporting this ongoing community service project.

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