If you are a singer who strives for excellence, we invite you to join our Society as a Full Member. Rehearsals begin in early September and continue every Sunday afternoon through the first Sunday after Thanksgiving, which is typically the day of our concert. If you are unable to be a Society singer, we invite you to become an Associate Member and attend our performance!


Whether you sing with us or are a member of our audience, you’ll be sure to have an unparalleled artistic experience, the result of our dedication in performing this most magnificent and powerful musical composition. We look forward to your participation!

Associate Members provide behind-the-scene support which can include anything from setting up risers and displays to keeping up the website. They are an integral part of the Messiah Choral Society.

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Download the Call to Rehearsal which provides general information about practices and the performance.  To learn about the Choir’s philosophy and operation, please read the Rehearsal Guidelines and Performance Decorum pages below. They outline what you can expect from the Society, and what we expect from all of our singers.  


In order to make each performance our best ever, we must use our limited rehearsal time wisely, both individually and as a chorus. Our Rehearsal Guidelines will help insure our success!

  • Only 3 absences are allowed during each rehearsal season in order for you to sing in performance. Additionally, you may miss only 1 of our 2 orchestra rehearsals. If you miss more than 3 rehearsals or 2 orchestra rehearsals you may appeal to the Board of Directors. The Board will consider each case on an individual basis. Absences begin to accrue as of the first rehearsal.

  • Be on time and seated in your section 5 minutes before each rehearsal begins. If an emergency makes you late, please wait until there is a break between choruses to enter the rehearsal hall.

  • Stay seated during the entire rehearsal unless directed to stand by the Conductor, have a medical condition which precludes prolonged sitting, or an emergency arises that cannot wait.

  • No talking during rehearsal. Save your comments for after rehearsal.

  • During every rehearsal, your focus should be solely on singing and paying attention to the Music Director’s instructions (i.e., no reading, eating, correspondence, etc.) which distract others and hinders your ability to focus.

  • Cell phones and beepers must be turned off during rehearsal.

  • Each singer must have a score and pencil for score annotation, as per the Music Director.

  • Hold your score and head up to maintain eye contact with the Music Director at all times.

  • Sing your section's part only, unless the Music Director instructs otherwise. Many of you have sung in different sections over the years, but it's a distraction to those around you if you sing another section's

  • No perfumes, colognes, aftershaves, lotions, body sprays, scented hair sprays, scented
    deodorants, or scented soap are allowed. Many of our singers are sensitive to these products.

  • It is your responsibility to sign the attendance roster during each rehearsal. If you do not sign,
    you will be counted as absent.

  • If you are ill with a cold or the flu, please do not come to rehearsal until you're well again so as
    not to infect anyone or sit away from other singers.

Thank you for adhering to these rehearsal guidelines. As our Music Director, John Sinclair, says, this is
truly like a team sport in which each player's part is significant in making the goal and where consistency
and uniformity are very important. In our case, the goal is an exemplary performance that moves the
audience and stirs their emotions. These simple guidelines can go far in helping us get there, and the
Board will do its part to help us all to follow them. We're looking forward to a great rehearsal season.

Board of Directors, Messiah Choral Society


Concert Attire

  • Anyone who is not dressed correctly will not be allowed to perform! 

  • All singers - Please wear soft-soled shoes to the concert. This helps minimize noise on the risers.

  • Ladies---a black (dark gray is not sufficient), floor-length skirt, black shoes, black hose; a pure white, long-sleeved, collared blouse with white buttons.

  • Men---black trousers (again, not dark gray), black shoes, black socks; a pure white, long-sleeved shirt with white buttons; a long solid black dress tie (no bow tie or tuxedo apparel.)

  • Donated blouses and ties are available in some sizes


  • Please limit jewelry to wedding rings, the latest Messiah Choral Society Medallion, and small earrings that do not dangle.


  • In keeping with rehearsal guidelines, please do not use perfume, cologne, scented lotion, scented deodorant, or scented soap on the day of the performance.

Your score

  • Your music needs to be bound in black to ensure a uniform appearance.


  • When filing onto or off stage, carry your closed music score in your hand with your arm down by your side, the music facing the audience, both on entering and exiting the stage.

  • Once seated, stay silent, keep movement to a minimum, keep the music open on your lap while seated, and turn pages only during breaks in the music. Do not follow the score during solos.

  • Please pre-tab your score to the beginning of each chorus to be performed. Immediately after a chorus, turn your score to the next chorus to avoid last-minute page-shuffling.

  • Your focus needs to be on the Director. If you need to follow your score, hold your score up so you can see both the score and the Director.

  • When standing and sitting, please do so gently so as to make minimal noise and try to move as a single unit when directed. We will practice this during the warm-up period on stage.

  • Please ask your family and friends not to wave to you while we are on stage. Do not try to communicate with the audience from the stage. Doing so is contrary to professional standards.

  • Stay seated - do not leave the stage during intermission except for an emergency.  

  • Leave personal belongings, water bottles, etc. backstage or locked in your car. There is no secure storage at the Bob Carr.

(Download the Performance Decorum Document.) Thank you for singing with us, and enjoy the experience!


Because our concerts are free to the public we need your help as members to raise funds. You can do this by selling ads, asking for donations, encouraging people to shop using AmazonSmile, and/or selling peanuts. We also need volunteers for our annual banquet, food drive, and various committees.

When selling ads, soliciting contributions, or encouraging people to shop using AmazonSmile, use the following sample letter along with the information presented on our "Get Involved" page, particularly the bullets listed under Reasons to be Involved.    

To sell peanuts, first download this Peanut Order Form which lists the various products and prices.  Ask friends and family how many they would like and submit your order form along with payment required to Mabel Burridge (or give to your section leader).  Mabel will contact you when order is in and arrange for you to pick up the peanuts. 

To help out one of our committees which are listed on our Registration Form, let your section leader know of your interest or email our President, Maggie Winter at  


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