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The Society

The Messiah Choral Society is a non-profit, 501(c)3 civic organization based in Winter Park, Florida.  The society is not affiliated with any religious organization.  We are open for all singers to participate.  Each year, with generous community support, we raise all the funds necessary to continue our mission of providing a fine performance which is free to the public.

Over 40 years ago, William Eugene “Bill” Jarvis, a prominent Orlando music director, formed the society with the philosophy that Handel’s Messiah was worthy of a group dedicated solely to the performance of this masterpiece. The extraordinary vision of William Jarvis continues to inspire us to perform this classical oratorio annually as a gift to the Orlando community.

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“Handel was the greatest composer that ever lived. I would remove my cap and kneel at his tomb. I can still learn from him.” – Beethoven

“When Handel chooses, he strikes like thunder.” – Mozart

Join us for the most magnificent musical experience of your lifetime!

Join Us

If you are a singer who strives for excellence, we invite you to join our Society as a Full Member (click Membership from the menu for details). We begin our rehearsals in early September, continuing our work every Sunday afternoon through the first Sunday after Thanksgiving, which is typically the day of our concert. If you are unable to be a Society singer, then we wholeheartedly invite you to become an Associate Member.

Whether you sing with us or are a member of our audience, you’ll be sure to have an unparalleled artistic experience, the result of our dedication in performing this most magnificent and powerful musical composition. We look forward to your participation!

Get to Know Us Better

Messiah Choral Society is proud to be recognized as one of the first nonprofits in Central Florida to be totally transparent. You’ll be seeing a lot about a new Knowledge Base established by the Community Foundation of Central Florida to help donors and philanthropists explore the organizations they support. You can learn all about us, from our management, governance, and programs to an in-depth look at our finances that is searchable and validated. The Community Foundation’s leadership believes this site will allow local nonprofits more exposure to the community, new sources of funding and improved performance.

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